Raquel at Estonian Funk Embassy - part 2/3

November. My journey is halfway, and lots of Estonian Funk Embassy’s projects that I’ve been working on are now finally happening. During this month I got the chance to feel like this work really pays off, I met lots of great people and, amongst other things, I traveled not only to other places in Estonia, but I got to go to Helsinki and Riga as well.

Estonian Funk Embassy
in a Finnish record store

Although lots of things were done during the first month (probably more than I would expect), it was during November that I could see the real rise of Rita Ray. I was able to learn not only how to schedule and manage an album release from the point of view of a label, but also from the point of view of an agent and, of course also from a marketing perspective. It was really amazing to see how many things and people have to work in perfect harmony, even when everything seems like falling down. Yes, I guess there’s always a little bit of drama when it comes to releases - but I really learnt how to deal with that and take the best out of it!    Rita Ray first seeing her new vinyl.                   
That rise of Rita Ray took me to the road for the first time, for two album presentation shows - one in Tallinn and another one in Tartu. I got the chance to see Rita performing with the most amazing musicians, for two packed houses, with everyone having so much fun and even singing along with her. Those were, for sure, two memorable shows that got me to think about how important this kind of work is - and made me really proud that I was part of it.

As anyone would quickly notice, I have some kind of addiction for getting as much knowledge about everything as I can. That’s why I would spend hours researching about the best ways of improving Estonian Funk Embassy’s performance in various digital platforms. Or reading about the best strategies to have artists earning money online. Or even analysing how to best promote events. Or figuring out how to build the best website for Estonian Funk Embassy. It all happened, but I also got to go to Music Meets Film 2019. During 3 days, I had the chance not only to attend talks, masterclasses and conferences dedicated to film scoring, but also to meet incredible professionals from both the audience and the panel. Richard Harvey, Peter Oxendale, Michael J McEvoy, Jussi Jaakonaho, Mihkel Zilmer, Tom Player, and Ardo Ran
Varres were the mentors.

Music Meets Film

This filled-up November wasn’t over yet. For 3 days, I got to be Tour
Manager for Estrada Orchestra. Tallinn, Põlva and Riga - three days, three locations and three really amazing shows. Although I was expecting to be only assisting someone else, it turned out to be only me as the unique responsible, and the guys. Keeping up with the schedules, having everyone safe and close, selling the merchandise, making sure everyone eats enough and so, so many other things. A crazy experience that asked for my organisational skills as well as for my bossy side, which was great.

Estrada Orchestra chilling before the Riga show

Adding to all of this, Estonian Funk Embassy’s regular workflow was being taken care of. Newsletters, Press Releases, Social Media, Marketing, etc. I can say that during this month was forced to push my limits, embrace new challenges and discover myself in new roles.
Backstage life
Liina at Mystic Sons - part 1/2
Liina at Mystic Sons - part 2/2

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