Triin at Overground Music - part 2/2

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday
and let's get right into what I was up to during these last three months of internship. It was a fantastic learning experience of new skills and improving on the ones I already possessed. I was fortunate to witness all the hard work that go into promoting new singles, albums, music videos and see ins and outs of what goes into producing a live radio show.

I took part in production meetings where booking, logistics and promotion strategies were discussed and to be honest just by observing the everyday events gave me invaluable insight about teamwork and how to get things done.
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Silvia at Lusitanian Music Publishing - part 2/2

It has been a month since I left Lisbon and my internship in Lusitanian Music Publishing ended. I have to say, that I started writing this post several times already but couldn’t. At first I didn’t really want to think about leaving Lisbon and now, when I am back in Estonia, everything I write seems so empty, because I don’t know how to explain how necessary and, might I say life changing these 3 months in Portugal were.

So let’s try this for the fourth time and let’s hope, this time it will make it to the blog.

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Raquel at Estonian Funk Embassy - part 3/3

Back home, safe and sound, I can now look back and see how amazing this last 3 months were. During December, I had time to learn, work, have fun and.. goodbyes. But I’ll get into it soon enough.

Before that, I have to say that by the beginning of December, I was already feeling that “it’s almost over - what am I gonna do? - I’ll miss this so much” kind of thing. So, I started to take photos of everything, trying to catch those last moments forever. 
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Liina at Mystic Sons - part 2/2

A full time report on my time working in Mystic Sons PR agency in London is
here! I am writing this on a beach in Thailand - a well deserved (I think!) holiday after some rather rainy months in the end of 2019. We all deserve a bit of sunshine and fresh coconuts! Not to complain but I do think there are better months for visiting England than November and December. Although, London in Christmas lights is very pretty. Skating at Somerset house, sipping on a hot chocolate – it was actually really nice! Considering all the possibilities London has to offer it is impossible to get bored.    
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Raquel at Estonian Funk Embassy - part 2/3

November. My journey is halfway, and lots of Estonian Funk Embassy’s projects that I’ve been working on are now finally happening. During this month I got the chance to feel like this work really pays off, I met lots of great people and, amongst other things, I traveled not only to other places in Estonia, but I got to go to Helsinki and Riga as well.

Estonian Funk Embassy
in a Finnish record store

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Liina at Mystic Sons - part 1/2

Time flies when you’re having fun and I am already half way through with my internship in the music communication agency Mystic Sons in London. I’ve always liked London and I have been here a few times before so I felt excited to get to know this city and its music scene better.
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Triin at Overground Music - part 1/2

From Bucharest With Love

Bucharest, the capital of Romania has a unique buzz that has a lot to offer with its countless bars, restaurants and venues. It's super easy to get around the city with a taxi or by metro since both are cheap and fast means of transportation.

Since most places are in walking distance you can take a nice walk and admire the city's decadent architecture, historical Old Town or visit some of the many parks that are like gems scattered around the city.
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Raquel at Estonian Funk Embassy - part 1/3

A whole month has gone since, in early October, I arrived in Tallinn, Estonia. Time do goes by fast, that’s a fact. But when looking back, I can’t deny that the whole month spent in Tallinn, while being part of Estonian Funk Embassy, has been full of great accomplishments and memories.
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Meet the New Interns

Here are all the 4 interns who are taking part in cycle 2 of the programme, together with their new teams.
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Liisa Lahtmets Will Be an Intern at FACTORY 92

A short while ago, we were searching for a student or young professional to whom we could offer a four-month internship at Hamburg-based music PR, marketing and consulting agency FACTORY 92. We are glad to announce that the selection has been made and Liisa Lahtmets will be an intern at FACTORY 92!

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