Raquel at Estonian Funk Embassy - part 1/3

A whole month has gone since, in early October, I arrived in Tallinn, Estonia. Time do goes by fast, that’s a fact. But when looking back, I can’t deny that the whole month spent in Tallinn, while being part of Estonian Funk Embassy, has been full of great accomplishments and memories.
Me and Henrik from the Estonian Funk Embassy

Since day one that Henrik, who is the person in charge of all Estonian Funk Embassy’s projects, has been trying hard to help me figuring out what I do like to do the most. It means that, exactly as I wanted, I’ve been able to try almost every task and job related not only to marketing and communications stuff, but also to production and pre-production of events.

The fall has arrived. View from our office with our cosy slippers.
The fall has arrived. View from our office with our cosy slippers.
You’re probably asking yourself what does that really mean. Well, it means that in only one month I had the opportunity to have a role on the production of nine different events. Besides that, I’m working really closely on all the marketing and communications strategies and tactics of Estonian Funk Embassy and some of the artists and bands it represents. From social media management, to press releases, newsletters, research of venues and press contacts, and, amongst other things like the creation and development of marketing strategies, I think I’ve made it all.

One of the things I’m most proud of was for sure the preparation of Rita Ray’s single and debut album releases. As she was new to Estonian Funk Embassy, we had to do many things from scratch: bios, choice of photographies, social media plans and, of course, build some media relations. After a lot of research (which I truly love to do, and it’s a huge plus that I’m able to do it while in this internship), we could come up with a strategy. Of course that not everything went exactly as we planned, but we definitely learnt a lot from this experience, and as the first release (of the single) is complete, I can say for sure it was a success!

I’ll be waiting for the next few chapters of this adventure, having in mind that I’ll be touring a few days with some bands, driving included, and probably many other things I don’t even know yet.

Me and Henrik at Erinevate Tubade Klubi - the venue we work at.

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