Music Moves Interns (MMI) was a pilot project led by Music Estonia together with Why Portugal and Factory 92 in 2018-2019. The project was funded by the European Commission through the “Music Moves Europe” pilot project call for “Training scheme for young music professionals”. MMI focused on designing and piloting a facilitated traineeship programme for young music sector professionals. The programme aimed to develop cross-border opportunities for an on-the-job training in European music companies. These opportunities can be developed and facilitated by a network of European music sector organisations, serving as a support structure between the music companies looking to host interns and young music professionals looking for an internship experience in another European country. The pilot project tested 5 cycles of internships of approximately 3 months. Various aspects of implementing the programme were analysed in the process and a programme model has been designed as a result of this.

Below the Facilitated Traineeship Model (FTP) has been outlined. This document is mainly directed to music sector organisations interested and able to bring the programme to their country or region and implement it, assuming the supportive and in many ways central role of the Facilitator organisation (FO). First, the programme model is briefly explained. Then, guidelines and toolkit for implementation follows.

In order to unlock the full potential of European music sector cross-border internships and traineeships, a network of FOs will be needed. To read more on a vision and strategy how to achieve this, please refer to the “Next Steps” report.

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Template: Call for music companies in the EU

Template: “Work and Learning Plan” worksheets

Template: MMI workshop: Creating the “Work and Learning Plan”

Template: Evaluation forms