Triin at Overground Music - part 1/2

From Bucharest With Love

Bucharest, the capital of Romania has a unique buzz that has a lot to offer with its countless bars, restaurants and venues. It's super easy to get around the city with a taxi or by metro since both are cheap and fast means of transportation.

Since most places are in walking distance you can take a nice walk and admire the city's decadent architecture, historical Old Town or visit some of the many parks that are like gems scattered around the city.
There are a lot of things to do, especially if you're into live music. If I had to describe the local music scene in just one word it would be VIBRANT. I have visited the city's most popular venues during my stay in Bucharest and have discovered that all of them are filled to the brim with true music lovers like myself (yes, even on Tuesdays). Many places also offer amazing food so it is convenient to go out straight after work to relax and grab something to eat before the show.

The Music Moves Interns Programme

When I first heard about the Music Moves Interns programme I instantly felt excited to apply. The program itself is led by Music Estonia, a Music Industry Development Centre and Export Office based in Estonia. The Music Moves Interns aims to significantly contribute to improving the availability of on-the-job internships in music companies for young music professionals in Europe.

I am so thankful to be chosen for this internship in a field I am extremely passionate about. I feel like I'm in the right place at the right time and I'm absolutely loving the whole experience. Settling in has been quite easy thanks to my supportive colleagues at Overground Music who have made me feel right at home from day one. Thanks, guys! 

The Overground Music Family

So, who or what is Overground Music? Overground Music is an agency specializing in music management, cultural PR and events. Their mission is to bring artists into the spotlight and keep them relevant in the long run. I’m sure this describes a lot of agencies, but if you look closer Overground Music is so much more, it's a family! It is truly heartwarming to see the way they take care of their artists and each other as well.

Having a publicity team is helpful, not only in terms of building a fanbase but also in making sure that the artist’s integrity is protected across all media platforms throughout the campaign. Besides handling the social media, press and marketing they also take care of organising promotional events, booking concerts and arranging all financial and logistical elements of a tour. So far I have been able to get insight into many of these areas, so make sure to read my next post to find out what I have been up to!

To be continued…
The Overground Music team from left: Dorina, Ilinca, Iulia, Triin, Codruţ, Cosmin.
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