Call for Music Companies in the EU. Internship Programme to Host an Intern from September to December 2019 // closed

Music export offices Music Estonia and WHY Portugal announce an open call for music companies all over the EU to participate in a facilitated internship programme as a host for a young professional. The pilot programme runs for three months this autumn; four companies and four interns will be selected in total; all costs are covered.
Please apply in case:
  • your company is active in the music industry, be it a management, label, agency, publishing company, a mix of those or something completely else;
  • your team has time in August to outline the main tasks for the intern and hold video interviews with potential ones together with the facilitating organisation;
  • from September to December you have the following resources for the intern: work to be done; spare space and other necessities in your office; a team member who is happy to support him/her through the months;
  • one of your team members, preferably the main contact person for the intern, is able to attend a seminar at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany on September 18. Travel costs, accommodation for two nights, and a festival ticket are covered for one;
  • the main contact person for the intern is glad to give feedback on the internship and the programme overall.
The organisers of this programme will take care of the rest, that is:
  •  setting up an open call together with the company to seek for the suitable intern;
  • carrying out interviews with the intern candidates;
  • organising a seminar for all programme participants at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany;
  • holding conversations with the intern and company's team to manage expectations and ensure both will benefit from the collaboration;
  • covering all travel and accommodation costs for the intern, plus paying a small intern salary;
  • helping the intern with logistics and other matters if and when needed
Here's how to apply:
write a freely worded application letter in English that includes a short description of your company, your motivation to welcome an intern in your team, and the potential role of the intern;
send it to by July 31st, 2019.

Should you need more information, please get in touch.
Marii Reimann
Project Coordinator
+372 505 2782

The initiative is part of a Creative Europe pilot programme Music Moves Europe, funded by the European Commission.
Apply for an Internship at the Estonian Funk Embassy // closed

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